Sunday, December 2, 2007

A New Post, I'm as shocked as the rest of you.

Yay, I'm making a new post. And another new thing, a title to the post. Awesome isn't it? So here the thing, I've been sorta busy (work is hell, quit while your ahead) so I havn't written much, nor have I had the mindset to write the stuff only the twisted mind of Axlle could put out. I've started a new story, but already forgot whats it's about, have a second in short draft rolling about in that empty space I call a mind. And another behind that. But the last one might turn into a screenplay. (Other no talent writers are making movies, and I wanna be rich to!!!) We'll see how things go in the upcoming weeks, months, years, etc... I'd have a punchline, or a quote, or perhaps a far off mention of whats in an upcoming story, but I've forgot the story I'm working on, and it's to early in the morning to come up with a joke, or perhaps to late at night. Good night, Good morning, Good evening... Tah, Later and BUGGER OFF!!!

Oh right, presales for my book of short stories for families over the age of 18 starts, well, more then likly never, but if you want to send me money for a copy, I'll still cash the check.