Sunday, April 19, 2009

diary of a misplaced nightshifter

Friday Morning: We're told our shift is being discontinued. And we're all being put on the day shift. Man I hate day shift.

Friday Night: Party with the boys who got laid off.

Saturday Morning: Got home, slept.

Saturday Night: More partying.

Sunday Morning: Stayed up, must get used to sleeping at night. Fell asleep at two.

Monday Morning: Slept late. I'm sure no one will mine, first time in awhile.

Tuesday Morning: Didn't oversleep as much. Barely made it in on time.

Wednesday Morning: Managed to wake up on time. Still don't like it.

Thursday Morning: Overslept again. Hour Late. Think I need a louder alarm or something.

Friday Morning: Managed to get in on time again. Three of five is good I think.

Friday afternoon: Went to get a new alarm. Thinking one of those double bell things, I'm told no one can sleep through those.

Saturday Morning: My day to sleep in, but forgot to turn off alarm. Amazingly, managed to wake up on time. Might be getting used to it. Shut off alarm.

Monday Morning: Forgot to turn on alarm. Slept through most of shift. Didn't bother going in.

Tuesday Morning: Forgot to change alarms. Slept half hour late. Boss chewed me out pretty well.

Wednesday Morning: New alarm got me out of bed. So loud I fell out of bed. I think it will do.

Thursday Morning: New alarm still works. So loud the neighbor is complaining. Never liked him anyway.

Friday Morning: Fell out of bed three days straight now, think I'll move the alarm further away. Less shocking.

Saturday Morning: Crashed at friends out of party. Came home to find the neighbor cursing at my alarm, which has been going off for three hours. he he.

Monday Morning: Awake on time, but not very alert.

Tuesday Morning: I think I got up today, turned off the alarm, and laid back down. Not certain what to do.

Wednesday Morning: Up on time, slept on way to work, woke up in ditch. Perhaps the local car pool.

Thursday Morning: Up on time. Car pool running behind. Still made it on time. But barely.

Friday Morning: Hate that alarm clock. But at least it works.

Saturday Morning: Forgot to turn off alarm again. I considered throwing it out the window.

Monday Morning: Alarm on. Up in time. But someone broke in overnight. Took TV. Had to stay and file report. But at least it doesn't count against me at work.

Tuesday Morning: Someone broke in again. This time they woke me up. And they took the stereo. Did make it to work though.

Tuesday afternoon: Bought gun. In three days them people will be in for a shock.

Wednesday Morning: No one broke in and made it to work. Things are looking up.

Thursday Morning: No problems today.

Friday Morning: Again, no problems.

Friday Afternoon: Picked up gun. Perhaps a little foolish to buy. But just in case.

Monday Morning: Slept through alarm. Not certain who.

Tuesday Morning: Up on time again. Maybe yesterday was a fluke.

Wednesday Morning: Someone broke in again. Scared them off with the gun. Good thing I bought it I guess. On time again.

Thursday Morning: Break in again. Stole alarm clock. Boss thought I was lying. Told me on more late day and I'm out. Bought identical clock later.

Friday Morning: Up on time. Toothbrush missing. I wonder whats going on around here.

Sunday Morning: Got in late last night. Haven't been back since Friday. Couch gone. Alarm woke me up 5 minutes after I fell asleep. In haste I shot it. Slept till Monday morning.

Monday Morning: Damn alarm didn't ring. Don't know why. To late to go to work. Called office people. Said I had been promptly fired. Alright with me.

Tuesday Morning: Alarm clock rang today. Alarm I'm pretty certain I shot.

Wednesday Morning: Forgot to turn off new alarm. Stupid alarm.

Thursday Morning: I know I turned that thing off. But it rang anyway. Not at all certain whats going on. Turn the stupid thing off.

Friday Morning: Alarm rang again. Threw it out open window.

Saturday Morning: Original alarm goes off. In haste, threw that one out closed window.

Sunday Morning: New alarm sounding. Went to shoot it, hit foot instead.

Monday Morning: Alarm sounds. Being hopped up on pain killers, I drove to work. On time though.

Tuesday Morning: Stayed up all night, shot whoever has been sneaking in alarms. Officer Joe says I have to spend a few days with him.

Wednesday Morning: Officer Joe woke me up early. Went to court, explained case. Got shipped to county jail. Must spend few days there.

Thursday Morning: Bubba woke me up early. Not as nearly as bad as those damn alarm clocks.

Friday Morning: Judge ruled I was temporally insane. Says I can sleep all I want at local asylum.

Saturday Morning: Judge lied. Nurse Bob woke me up early.